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The Norwegian Association of Maritime Medicine (NAMM)  


The aim of the Norwegian Association of Maritime Medicine (NAMM) is to promote maritime medicine in general and to further the scientific, social and economic interests of our members in particular.


The Norwegian Association of Maritime Medicine (NAMM) was established March 9th 1969.


The Norwegian Association of Maritime Medicine (NAMM) is an independent organization. The members of NAMM are medical doctors and other professionals with interest in maritime medicine in general and medical doctors authorized by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate in particular.

The International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) was established at the International Symposium on Maritime Health (ISMH) arranged in Oslo, Norway in 1997. The founding president of IMHA was a former president of The Norwegian Association of Maritime Medicine. 


Courses and seminars

NAMM har organized courses in maritime medicine since 1993. 

The Royal Norwegian Navy established a basis course in maritime medicine in cooperation with NAMM in 1999. In 2008 the basic course was transferred to Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine (NCMM). The course is arranged two times a year. To become a certified seafarers doctor you have to pass this course.

Every fifth year certified seafarer doctors have to pass a refresher course.  Both courses are arranged by NCMM. 

Every fith year is not sufficient to keep up to date in the field of maritime medicine. Thus NAMM organize an annual seminar for certified seafarers doctors and all other personell interessted in maritime medicine.  The seminars are organized in close cooperation with the Directorate of Maritime Affairs, The Medical Service of the Royal Norwegian Navy and The Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine.


Since 1997 NAMM has published a newsletter in Norwegian named DoCumentum Navale. Since 2001 DoCumentum Navale has been published in cooperation with the Danish Society on Maritime Medicine. Since 2019 the journal is published together with the Medical Service of the Royal Norwegian Navy. The journal is only published electronically and only in Norwegian. All back-issues are available in the archive on our webpage. 

Members of NAMM receive electronic copies of the only English language peer-reviewed journal in maritime medicine in the world - International Maritime Health - four times per year. NAMM is a part of the foundation publishing the IMH.


The Norwegian Association of Maritime Medicine (NAMM) can be contacted by sending an Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. to the President.